Reseller of Rize 3D

What is Rize?

Rize is a US based company specializing in 3D printers. Rize provides sustainable 3D printers that for low industry price. Rize provides you with a printer that releases no toxins or VOC’s, a strong mold for your products, minimal post processing with fast working time and built in IP protection. 3D printers allow you to create a physical object from a digital file. 

Rize has a growing list of customers like Nasa, the US Army and Termofab. 

What does TIP do?

TechiPartners acts as a reseller of Rize 3D printers based in Switzerland. This allowing.... Should you have any questions about the printer feel free to contact us with the information below

Rize's Focus

Rize 3D printers focus in on three specific things: Efficiency, industrial class and being office/field safe. 

Efficiency: Almost no post-processing. Minimising timing and removal giving you usable pieces almost 100% faster. Saves money in post processing labouring. Can print imperfect files.

Industrial Class: Isotropic parts, high HTD and can be sterilised. High chemical resistance, non water absorbance. Can build multiple parts simultaneous. Can print text and imaging.

Office Safe: There are no harmful particle emissions or toxic post processing. All printing material is safe and recyclable